Sell more by accepting Dai, Eth and many other crypto

Dexpay is a secure and fast point of sale for physical stores and online shops that accepts Ethereum and many other coins and instantly converts them to Dai stablecoin so you don't have to worry about volatilty. Contact Us

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No setup cost.
No subscription fee.


Clear fee.
Pay for what you use.

1% $2

Fair cost for
Fiat Off-Ramp

Simple Setup

You don't need a special device or skills


Everything is operated by secure smart contracts

Auto conversion

Swap automatically your token for a stablecoin

Low fees

Cheper than your usual payment provider

Connecting people with merchants

Whether it's going to be in person or online, merchants will be able to start using Dexpay straight away and accept dozen of tokens from all major Ethereum Wallets.


Share your personal payment page

Get tipped while online streaming, split a bill with friends or receive money from customers. Get paid on

Custom Item management

Create custom items and prices. Generate a multi-products bill in a matter of seconds.


Ecommerce and freelance ready

With invoice links and e-commerce integration, it's never been so easy to receive crypto online.